About Us

WannaCinn is a family-owned business that provides extremely high-quality multi-flavored cinnamon rolls at a reasonable price. Our Mission, Vision, and Values focus on the development of the people around us. We envision a culture of growth where all employees can have an opportunity to even own their own franchise with WannaCinn.

Our Philosophy

Our model has been designed from the ground up to be innovative in our baking process, all the way to how we touch our customers. Our Model focuses on the growth of our staff both professionally and personally to enable the growth of each location. We understand there are the big Three keys to business success they are Vision, Key People, and Culture. We know change is constant and always accelerating and without these three philosophies in place growth is impossible. We also understand Training is a process and not an event. Consistent investment in our staff is imperative to all growth and success in our company.