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Making the world a sweeter place one cinn at a time.

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Growth Plan


3 brick-and-mortar store locations within the SLC valley


15 additional stores expanding throughout Utah as well as determining our franchise options

2024 Forward

Expand the WannaCinn brand nationwide

The Market

Cinnamon Roll Market is primed for a real concept with a fresh and innovative a twist on America's favorite sweet roll. Within the current market environment no one has been able to bring a fresh concept to the Cinnamon Roll, and has always been an overbearing sweet roll we have all come accustomed to. Wanna Cinn is positioned to enter the market with a complete fresh and intuitive rolls that redefines what we know as the cinnamon roll.

Our Story

WannaCinn owner and founder, David Sickich has a passion for baking, people, and service. His love for baking started young and his passion turned into income while working for and managing a team at a large warehouse retailer. As part of his journey, Dave transitioned his career into the automotive industry as a means to support his family, but continued to use his spare time at home baking goods for family and friends. His baking created opportunities for him to engage with people personally and professionally while also providing a way to serve others. Throughout this journey, and for well over a decade, Dave has worked with the simple premise of perfecting the cinnamon roll. His continual refinement led to the creation of over 30 flavors and is now known as WannaCinn.