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Making the world sweeter one Cinn at a time!


Company Values and Culture

WannaCinn’s goal is to make an everlasting difference in the people we meet each day. We will hold ourselves to high standards in our quest to develop people and their capabilities to become better in all aspects of life. By doing so, the products we produce will be exceptional because of the care we put in the value of those around us.

The WannaCinn model has been designed from the ground up to be innovative with the baking process, all the way to how we touch our customers. There are the big three keys to the success of the business: vision, key people, and culture. Change is constant and always accelerating – without these three keys in place, growth is impossible. We also understand training is a process and not an event. Consistent investment in our staff, personally and professionally, is imperative to growth and success at WannaCinn.





The Monthly Rotation Menu

WannaCinn’s rotating menu features over 70+ flavors. The Classic and Specialty flavors include the Original Cinn, Raspberry Cinn, Orange Cinn, Coffee Cinn, Chocolate Chip Cinn, Amaretto Cinn, and Mr. Perfect. The Seasonal and the Ultimate flavors rotate one Cinn per month. The Ultimate Cinns are chosen by our customers.


Our Story

David Sickich has a passion for baking, people and service. His love for baking started young. He continued to use his spare time at home baking goods for family and friends. For well over a decade, Dave has worked with the simple premise of perfecting the cinnamon roll. His continual refinement led to the creation of over 70 flavors.

John and Elisha Thomas crossed paths with David and Tamara Sickich at an automobile service center, sparking a deep friendship that eventually led to the inception of WannaCinn during a casual conversation around a kitchen table.

Photo Credit: Jessi Bang, Reporter. St. George News.

The Cinnamon Roll Market

The market is primed for a real concept with a fresh and innovative twist on America’s favorite cinnamon roll. Within the current market environment, no one has been able to bring a fresh concept to the cinnamon roll, it has always been the same overbearing cinnamon roll we have all been accustomed to. WannaCinn is positioned to enter the market with a completely fresh and intuitive roll that completely redefines what we know as the cinnamon roll. We anticipate a strong entry into this market quickly growing nationally. With no real competition, the opportunity for the right company with a sound concept is endless, WannaCinn has spent years developing a product that is poised to capture and reignite the interest in America’s favorite cinnamon roll.


Open first store in Riverton, UT.


Open several stores all throughout Utah.


Expand the WannaCinn Brand nationwide.

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Let’s make the world sweeter one Cinn at a time!